Loyalty, Integrity, Hospitality

Pianist as Technician

The primary goal of Tristate Pianoworks is to practice loyalty, integrity, and hospitality for everything we do in the piano business. This is a lofty goal, but we pursue it. As a service in the piano industry, these cannot be taken for granted, in spite of how important the actual work we do is. It will not be easy amidst the chest beating of colleagues. Unique to piano technology opposed to other skilled labor is the inclination for looking for support amongst those who suffer the most for the success of the Other. 


The arts are a competitive business. Live piano performance, both tuning, and music, is not easy to promote in an environment that provides such an incentive, as that sampling and recording have flooded the market with cheaper alternatives, in tuning, and music. While we seek to network with the community of the Tristate to provide the best of all the services described on the website, Tristate Pianoworks seeks most to promote the piano and people who love it. 


Some history of the founder appears on the Piano Technicians Guild website, under the Moniker Benjamin Sloane, in the section devoted to finding a Registered Piano Technician in the region. Under the moniker Tristate Pianoworks more detail of the experience with pianos, current and prior, with other information and revolving content is provided on facebook, @




Facebook for Tristate Pianoworks provides an extensive resume of experience and real time examples of some services available. Please explore the areas for work experience, education, and posts of labor in action there for more information.


The categories of Artist, Engineer, and Woodworker are not rigid or inflexible, much more woven together than threaded together at the edge. As a pianist I might have gained most in the area of regulation, which is attributed to being part of the engineering of the piano not the art of it. There is much more to be gained, however, from learning to play the piano than many piano technicians realize, most of all, a plethora of work for colleagues.