Loyalty, Integrity, Hospitality

Pianist as Agent

The primary goal of Tristate Pianoworks is to practice loyalty, integrity, and hospitality for everything we do in the piano business. This is a lofty goal, but we pursue it. As a service in the piano industry, these cannot be taken for granted, in spite of how important the actual work we do is.

The arts are a competitive business. Live piano performance, both tuning, and music, is not easy to promote in an environment that provides such an incentive, as that sampling and recording have flooded the market with cheaper alternatives, in tuning, and music. While we seek to network with the community of the Tristate to provide the best of all the services described on the website, Tristate Pianoworks seeks most to promote the art of the piano, and services concomitant to that, centered around the work of the piano technician.